My Private Art Market has created for all the art lovers of the world a unique opportunity to access prestigious Artworks at favorable prices. The concept is simple: exclusive offers and appraised works of art for a limited time.

The MyPAM team is extremely passionate about art and history. This is why, being proud of our French and European culture and heritage, we have decided to share with collectors and art lovers of the world our extraordinary knowledge and the genius of our artisans through this unique Internet experience known as MyPAM.

We will be online very soon! In the meantime you can contact us with any questions or specific requests that you may have. Through our established partnerships, we can already start looking for the perfect artwork for you.

You can also leave us your email address to receive more information about the official launch.

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Selected Artworks

My Private Art Market offers exceptional works of Art from the best French and European galleries. These Art works are part of our heritage and our present, they will please even the most discerning collector. We have purposely chosen not to sell Artworks from auctions or private collections, but only from professional art merchants to enjoy their expertise and experience.

Exclusive and Limited Offers Logo

Exclusive and Limited Offers

Our mission is to propose the most attractive offers on the market, negotiated beforehand with art galleries. These exclusivities are available for a short period of time and only the quickest members can benefit from them.

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Our Partners

All the items selected by the MyPAM team come from the most well-known galleries in Europe. Art lovers around the world can rely on the proven expertise of our partners and view the items by appointment.

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Security and Transportation

Due to the value of the Artworks we manage, the reliability and security of transportation and payment are our priority. It is for this reason that we have established agreements with a highly trusted French transporter and a large bank.

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Privacy of Your Information

To ensure your privacy, all information communicated to MyPAM will remain confidential and will not be diffused without your consent.